Project Management Software

Agile Project Management software

Odoo Project enables the real-time management of projects. From the signing of the contract to the final billing, teams are assisted in completing their tasks with Odoo's efficient planning tool.

As a complement to the project management app, Odoo Timesheet app supports workflows and the productivity forecast. It is fast, secure and works offline. Available on Chrome, employees can sign in/out and encode their work. Managers can validate the work before invoicing.

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Thanks to Odoo Project's open chat feature, teams can communicate directly with customers, share documents, feedback, and issues. In addition, Odoo Project offers email integration.


Users can prioritize different tasks. The application also uses Gantt charts, the Kanban view, and an updated the calendars. This helps companies to schedule different projects, subdivide them into tasks and do forecasting.

Customer Services

Notify customers of changes and receive their feedback directly by configuring automatic emails. Access their bills and invoices online.

Project Management

  • Measure Project Performance
  • Graph view of tasks
  • Forecast resource needs
  • Discuss Tasks


  • Track Team's progress
  • Invoice Timesheets
  • Track your working time
  • Forecast Resources

Field Service

  • Schedule Appointements
  • Assign your employees
  • Invoice your services
  • Plan your route


  • Track Tickets
  • Customer service
  • Multi Channel
  • SLA, Automation & Templates


  • Dynamic Planning
  • Advanced Gantt Chart
  • Assign Shifts
  • Complete Planning


  • Manage Meeting Online
  • Reschedule Appointments
  • Customise Forms
  • Sync with Google calendar